Get Your Most Confident Smile That Makes Them Say ‘Wow’!

Teeth whitening has a long history and has evolved into one of the most popular aesthetic dental treatments available. From ‘chew sticks’ made from twigs dating back to 3000 BC to today’s use of various forms of peroxide to safely whiten teeth, the quest for pearly whites threads throughout the history of oral health.

The science has come far. Today, in one brief, light-accelerated treatment of Philips Zoom, patients enjoy immediate results. And it’s entirely worry-free. Years of extensive research and clinical studies confirm that teeth whitening under the supervision of a dental professional is safe. In fact, many dental professionals consider teeth whitening the safest cosmetic procedure available.

Almost anyone can benefit from teeth whitening. Of course, there are many reasons for discoloration and not everyone will experience the same results. That’s why it’s important to involve a dental professional. There are many factors that play into what kind of whitening is right for you, and a dental professional will help you get the best results possible. *

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