New Patients

Looking For A Long Lasting, Beautifully Natural Smile?

Our new patient experience is designed to be the beginning of a long term relationship with you and your family.  We spend time getting acquainted one-on-one, carefully listening so we understand exactly what is important to you. We obtain a detailed medical history, take x-rays, and perform a comprehensive 10-point dental exam. This comprehensive exam includes:

  • Personal, Medical and Dental History
  • Soft Tissue and Oral Cancer Exam
  • Screening of the: Gums, Uvula, Tongue, Palate, Cheeks, Tonsils, Lips, Throat, Floor of the Mouth
  • TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint)  Analysis for clicking, popping or deviation on opening and closing
  • Tooth Decay, Mobility, Fractures, Condition of Existing Restorations and Excessive Wear
  • Periodontal Screening to determine health of gum tissues
  • Cosmetic and Color Evaluation of all teeth
  • Orthodontic Review, Bite Evaluation and Recommendation
  • Radiograph Review (examination of dental films and evaluation)
  • Custom Diagnosis and Treatment Plan based on all findings

This new patient visit is an important first step toward a healthy mouth, and the information we gather will help us ensure that goal. Please feel free to ask US questions as well – we are here to assure you get precisely what you want … a long lasting, beautifully natural smile!